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Home Exercise Program

Deep Squat To Thoracic Rotation Exercise

Deep Squat To Thoracic Rotation

- Bend your knees into a deep squat, keeping your heels on the ground.

- Rotate your torso and reach your hand towards the ceiling and hold for 10 seconds, looking up towards your hand.

- Return to starting position and repeat to the other side until 2 minutes is up.

Repeat - 1 Time

Hold - 2 Minutes

Complete - 1 Set

Perform - 3 x Week

Hip Opener - Hip IR Exercise

Hip Opener - Hip IR

- Sit in the position shown, with hips and knees bent to 90 degrees.  Start by trying to lift back ankle off the ground while maintaining knee on ground.  Hold for 5 seconds.  Then attempt to lift front ankle off ground while keeping knee on ground, hold for 5 seconds.

* You may not be able to lift leg off ground, keep tension through 5 seconds.
* May position upper body differently to complete goal of lifting.

Repeat - 8 Times

Hold - 5 Seconds

Complete - 1 Set

Perform - 3 x Week

Eccentric Adductors Exercise

Eccentric Adductors

- Place sliders under knees and have two chairs set up next to shoulders.  Slowly lower hips to ground using adductor muscles.  Use arms to return to starting position (do not use legs to return to starting position).

* Can also use towels on hard wood floors.

Repeat - 8 Times

Hold - 5 Seconds

Complete - 2 Sets

Perform - 2 x Day

Single Leg Deadlift To Shoulder Press Exercise

Single Leg Deadlift To Shoulder Press

- Begin with feet hip width apart. 

- Complete single leg deadlift and then return to standing with knee lift and press dumbell overhead.


Repeat - 12 Times

Hold - 2 Seconds

Complete - 2 Sets

Perform - 3 x Week

Copenhagen Hip Adduction Exercise

Copenhagen Hip Adduction

- Start in side plank with top foot on elevated surface.

- Keeping hip off ground and core tight, lift lower leg to meet top leg.

- Lower leg back down and repeat.


Repeat - 20 Times

Hold - 2 Seconds

Complete - 2 Sets

Perform - 3 x Week

Standing Hip CAR Exercise

Standing Hip CAR

- Start by bringing the knee towards the chest as far as possible WITHOUT rounding th elow back.

- Next, move the knee to the outside as far as possible without rotating the pelvis.

- After that, turn the knee in keeping the foot high in the back.

- Finish by pulling the leg behind the torso with the glutes as far as possible. 

- Return to start position. 

- Repeat other side.


Repeat - 5 Times

Hold - 6 Seconds

Complete - 1 Set

Perform - 3 x Week

- If you have any exercise questions, feel free to contact T.J. Knowles, PTA at (218) 368-3304. -