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Walker Curling Club

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The Walker Curling Club is a group of community members with the goal of establishing a curling program at the Walker Community Center.  Since February of 2007, board members have recruited curlers, obtained equipment, established membership fees and a curling schedule.  We work closely with the Walker Community Center and members of the Walker Youth Hockey Association to share the costs of community center ice usage.  We are happy to welcome all skill levels.  In fact, some members of the board have never even curled!  We are a group of fun, outgoing community members that hope to build a program that welcomes all ages and skill levels with an interest in curling, and offer a safe, enjoyable place to slide that rock across the ice!

For a first year club in the curling world, the Walker Curling Club had a tremendous year!  For a small town of only 1,000 people, we had 64 Founding Members and over a hundred participants who curled at one time or another in three draws every Saturday night.  We also had over a hundred kids that curled in a youth program that we affectionally called, "Kids Rock!"

Our club is extremely grateful that the committee of the Walker Area Community Center permitted us to use their ice and facilities and have also given us permission to build a clubroom someday.  We are also thankful for the financial support of the various businesses in the Walker Area that helped us in many ways throughout the year.