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New To Hockey

Have you been told that hockey is too expensive, too time consuming and unsafe?

The Walker Youth Hockey Association is focused on growing the great game of hockey by offering FREE hockey and FREE use of equipment to all Mini and Mite age players (8 and under) and offering FREE hockey to all players 10 and under who have never been part of the association.

Hockey is a Great Value
The hockey season is over four months long and at lower age levels equipment is readily available.

It's Safe
This is not the NHL – checking isn’t allowed until the upper levels and fighting is not allowed at all.  High tech protective gear is used; head, knee and other joint injuries are rare. 

Easy to Integrate into Your Schedule
Schedules are posted weeks in advance; rarely does anything start before 8:00 am or end after 9:00 pm.

Learn Life Skills
Teamwork, self-confidence and determination are just a few of the important life skills that hockey teaches and embraces.  All wrapped in a package that’s both fun and fast. Making it a game that most kids never outgrow.

Strength, Agility, and a Healthy Dose of Fun
Hockey’s unique fitness advantage starts with skating, which develops many muscle groups that other sports don’t.  And unlike walking or running, skating isn’t something that’s done every day.  In short, it’s a unique and addicting source of physical fitness.

Make Fast Friends
Hockey is a game of small units (six kids on the ice per team at a time). Practice time and games often involve small groups working together.  So kids quickly form friendships with teammates and relationships with coaches that will help them grow in their school years and beyond.

Very Encouraging Environment
Accredited coaches will provide a great deal of positive feedback as your youngster learns this skill-based sport.  And you can help, too.  While driving to practices or games, remind your child how proud you are that he or she is in a sport that requires skill, agility and a positive attitude.

Healthy Habits Start Early
Check the news and you’ll quickly understand that childhood obesity is an epidemic.  And most obese children will grow into overweight adults, increasing the risk of health conditions as they age.  One of the best ways to avoid this scenario is to get your kids involved in fun physical exercise – something hockey provides.

Family Time
Hockey is a great spectator sport and there are opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.  The whole family will enjoy a new activity together.

The Future is Bright
According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association report on “Competing Beyond High School,” youth hockey players are four times more likely to go on to play in college than youth basketball players and two times more likely than youth soccer and football players.  Plus, hockey players tend to stay close to the game well into adulthood.

We look forward to seeing you at the rink!